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Most young people ages 12 to 20 do not drink. However, in 2012, about 9.3 million young people in this age group, or one out of four, had used alcohol.1 Alcohol use can interfere with their health, academic, and workplace performance and their relationships with friends and family.2

Talk with young people early and often about the dangers of underage drinking. With your help, we can make sure that young people understand that they do not need to drink to fit in, have fun, or deal with the pressures of growing up. Use the resources on this site to help young people be too smart to start.

1 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2013). Results from the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Summary of national findings, NSDUH Series H-46, HHS Publication No. (SMA) 13-4795. Rockville, MD: Author.

2 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2012). Report to Congress on the prevention and reduction of Underage drinking.

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day May 6,2014 The national launch event for Awareness Day 2014 takes place on May 6 in conjunction with the National Council for Behavioral Health's annual conference in Washington, DC. The launch event will focus on the unique needs of young adults, ages 16–25, with mental health challenges and the value of peer support in helping young adults build resilience in the four life domains of housing, education, employment and health care access. For more information, please visit

In The News

04/16/2014 - [MD]
Parents Encouraged
To Stay Vigilant
To Curb Underage

04/16/2014 - [NH]
Event To Assist
Parents With Teens

04/15/2014 - [MO]
Meeting To Address
Underage Drinking

04/15/2014 - [NE]
Grants Coult Help
Battle Underage

04/15/2014 - [WV]
WVU Hosting
Meeting On
Underage And High
Risk Drinking

04/14/2014 - [MT]
Presentations To
Look AT Underage

04/14/2014 - [CA]
Survey Of GWHS
Students Shows
Surprising Data
About Underage

04/14/2014 - [VT]
Vermont Officials
Raise Awareness Of
Teen Drinking,
Drug Use

04/11/2014 - [WI]
Buffalo County
Youth, Sheriff's
Department Working
To Curb Underage

04/11/2014 - [SC]
Agencies Stepping
Up To Curb
Underage Drinking

04/11/2014 - [IL]
Social Hosting
Ordinance Now On
The Books In

04/10/2014 - [WI]
La Crosse's Mayor
Delcares April
'Parents Who Host,
Lose The Most'

04/10/2014 - [IA]
Iowa Senate
Approves Underage
Drinking Bill

04/10/2014 - [VT]
Website Offers
More 'Parent Up'
Help To Prevent
Underage Drinking

04/10/2014 - [AZ]
"Too Young To
Drink": Students
Honored For
Underage Drinking

04/10/2014 - [PA]
MCCC, Aldersgate
To Host Community
Discussion On
Drugs, Alcohol

04/10/2014 - [SD]
Parents Group
Holds Meeting To
Combat Underage

04/10/2014 - [MA]
Prevention Forum
Set In Pelham

04/09/2014 - [WI]
Parents Who Host

04/09/2014 - [MI]
Coalition To Host
Session On
Underage Drinking

04/09/2014 - [PA]
Liquor Control
Board Alcohol
Conference Focuses
Attention on
Issues in

04/09/2014 - [CA]
Fontana teens
urged to have a
'Safe and Sober
Prom' by not
drinking and
driving; see video

04/08/2014 - MADD
First-Ever Victim
Services Report
During Crime
Victims' Rights

04/08/2014 - [WI]
Parents Who Host
Encourages Talk
About Underage
Drinking To Young

04/08/2014 - [IL]
Town Hall Meeting
To Discuss
Underage Drinking

04/08/2014 - [AR]
WISE To Host Town
Hall Meeting On
Underage Drinking

04/07/2014 - [NC]
State Targeting
Underage Drinking

04/07/2014 - [OK]
Hosting Prom Party
Could Result In

04/07/2014 - [IL]
Tazwell County
Aims To Reduce
Teen Drinking

04/07/2014 - [NC]
Tips On Fighting
Underage Drinking
In The Piedmont

04/07/2014 - [IA]
Jackson County
Hosting Meetings
On Underage

04/07/2014 - [IA]
Jackson County
Hosting Meetings
On Underage

04/06/2014 - [MA]
Underage Drinking
Enforcement To
Begin In Walpole
This Month

04/05/2014 - [IL]
Underage Drinking
Target Of Campaign

04/04/2014 - [AL]
Students Learn
Dangers Of
Drinking, Sign
Prom Promise

04/04/2014 - [GA]
Dawsonville Event
To Tackle Teen

04/04/2014 - [OH]
Health Dept. Helps
Fight Underage

04/04/2014 - [MD]
Coalition To Place
Underage Drinking
Warnings On

04/03/2014 - [FL]
Town Hall Meeting
On Drugs And
Alcohol Draws
Large Crowd In
White Springs

04/03/2014 - [NM]
April 21: Day For
Parents To Talk
With Their Teens
About Not Drinking
Until Age 21

04/03/2014 - [AL]
ABC Board To Bring
Its 'Under Age,
Under Arrest'
Program To Foley

04/03/2014 - [TN]
PowerTalk 21
Emphasizes Hazards
Of Underage

04/02/2014 - [MT]
Watford City Town
Hall Meeting Will
Address Underage

04/02/2014 - [IN]
AG Zoeller And
Olympic Skater
Urge Kids To Say
'No' To Underage

04/02/2014 - [MA]
Norton Police
Receive $5,000
Grat To Fight
Underage Drinking

04/02/2014 - [IL]
South High School
To Host Town Hall
Meeting On
Underage Drinking

04/02/2014 - [IL]
Coalition Tackles
Issus Facing Young
People Underage
Drinking, Drug Use

04/01/2014 - [HI]
Maui Drinking
Prevention Program
Suggests "Be A

04/01/2014 - [SC]
9th Grade Students
Work To Reduce
Underage Drinking
In Horry County

04/01/2014 - [MI]
Underage Drinking
Forum Thursday

04/01/2014 - [DE]
Event Offers
'Proof' Of
Underage Drinking

04/01/2014 - [VA]
Virginia ABC
Taking Education
Grant Applications

04/01/2014 -
MADD: Parents Key
To Stopping
Underage Drinking

04/01/2014 - [SD]
Annual Town Hall
Meeting: "It's
Time- Have the

03/31/2014 - [CA]
Underage Drinking,
Drug Abuse Focus
Of April 8 Truckee

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“Talk. They Hear You.” is a national Campaign from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration that empowers parents to talk to children as young as 9 years old about the dangers of underage drinking. This 1-hour archived webinar helps organizations learn how to adopt and adapt “Talk. They Hear You.” materials for local use.

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