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Underage Drinking in the News

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[VT] Vermont Officials Raise Awareness Of Teen Drinking, Drug Use
Source: Apr 14, 2014
The Vermont Department of Health is holding a meeting on April 22 to raise awareness about underage drinking.

[WI] Buffalo County Youth, Sheriff's Department Working To Curb Underage Drinking
Source: Apr 11, 2014
The Buffalo County Partnership Council and the Buffalo Sheriff's Department are working together to launch a new underage drinking prevention initiative.

[SC] Agencies Stepping Up To Curb Underage Drinking
Source: Apr 11, 2014
Agencies and community based organizations are increasing compliance checks and education efforts, to combat underage drinking.

[IL] Social Hosting Ordinance Now On The Books In Kewanee
Source: Apr 11, 2014
A social host ordinance has been passed in Kewanee. This is in addition to a state social host law.

[WI] La Crosse's Mayor Delcares April 'Parents Who Host, Lose The Most' Month
Source: Apr 10, 2014
La Crosse will be observing Alcohol Awareness Month by declaring Parents Who Host, Lose The Most Month. That is also the name of an education initiative about underage drinking.

[IA] Iowa Senate Approves Underage Drinking Bill
Source: Apr 10, 2014
The Iowas Senate approved a social host bill. It now goes to the governor.

[VT] Website Offers More 'Parent Up' Help To Prevent Underage Drinking
Source: Apr 10, 2014
The Parent Up website for Vermont parents has been updated with new resources to help prevent underage drinking.

[AZ] "Too Young To Drink": Students Honored For Underage Drinking PSA
Source: Apr 10, 2014
Phoenix area high school students are being honored for their PSA titled "Too Young To Drink." It will air in area theaters.

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