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Underage Drinking in the News

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[VA] Augusta County Group Launching Campaign To Prevent Underage Drinking
Source: Jul 30, 2015
The Greater Augusta Prevention Partners has launched a media campaign, "Let's Be the Influence." It's meant to encourage parents to talk about underage drinking with their children.

[MD] WCHD Surveys Community In Youth Alcohol Access
Source: Jul 29, 2015
The Worcester County Health Department is surveying parents and youth about access to alcohol. The results will inform the public health response to tackle the issue.

[NM] Farmington Approves Ordinance Cracking Down On Parties
Source: Jul 29, 2015
The city council approved an ordinance that closes a loophole and allows police to hold more people accountable at parties where underage drinking is taking place.

[NC] Pitt County Fights To Combat Underage Drinking
Source: Jul 28, 2015
The Pitt County Coalition on Substance Abuse is partnering with the state ABC commissioner to launch the "Talk It Out" campaign, in the county.

[GA] Volunteer Macon Pitches House Party Ordinance To Commissioners
Source: Jul 28, 2015
Volunteer Macon has pitched the idea of a county social host ordinance. It now requires the sponsorship of a commissioner.

[NY] Watkins Police Plan Underage Drinking Crackdown
Source: Jul 28, 2015
The Watkins Glen Police Department and Schuyler County Coalition on Underage Drinking and Drugs are partnering to crackdown on drinking and driving.

[MI] Coalition Shares Anti-Drinking Message
Source: Jul 25, 2015
TGhe Clare County Communities That Care Coalition and the Drug Free Action Alliance have teamed-up to launch the "Parents Who Host, Lose The Most" campaign.

[PA] YWCA York Gets $32K To Discourage Underage Drinking
Source: Jul 24, 2015
The state has awarded $32,000 to the York YWCA for their life skills program which helps students learn drug and alcohol resistance skills.

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