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Underage Drinking in the News

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[MI] April Proclaimed Social Host Awareness Month
Source: Feb 18, 2015
Cheboygan County has proclaimed April to be Social Host Awareness Month.

[WY] Bill Banning Powdered Alcohol Advances
Source: Feb 18, 2015
A bill that would ban powdered alcohol has advanced in a state legislative committee.

[MD] Harford County Cracks Down On Underage Drinking
Source: Feb 18, 2015
A change in a local ordinance will now punish employees who serve alcohol to minors and not just the establishment.

[NM] Survey: Underage Drinking On Downward Curve
Source: Feb 18, 2015
According to the latest YRRS data, there has been a reduction of underage drinking for the first time since 2007.

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