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Underage Drinking in the News

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[ME] Teens Act To Reduce Youth Access To Drugs and Alcohol
Source: Jul 08, 2014
The Choose to Be Healthy Coalition [YOU]th engaged in a sticker shock campaign in York County.

[NE] Meister Suggests More Focus On Prevention, Diversion To Curb Underage Drinking
Source: Jul 08, 2014
A local prevention group is suggesting that taxes on alcohol be raised in an effort to reduce underage drinking.

[AL] New Coalition Forms In Hopes Of Curtailing Teen Drinking
Source: Jul 08, 2014
A new coalition in Tallapoosa County has formed with the goal of reducing underage drinking rates.

[NM] Underage Drinking Drops
Source: Jul 06, 2014
According the recently released YRRS, drinking among 9th-12th graders are drinking more than 21% less.

Predicting Which Teenagers Will Be Binge Drinkers May Be Possible
Source: Jul 05, 2014
Researchers believe that analyzing brain scans of teenagers might lead to being able to identify teen binge drinkers.

[NY] Local Officials Strategize Against Underage Drinking
Source: Jul 04, 2014
After the "Parents Who Host, Lose The Most," presentation, local officials met to discuss how to prevent underage drinking.

[OK] Underage Drinking Emphasis Of Social Host Law
Source: Jul 04, 2014
On July 1, a new social host law took effect, across the state.

[IN] New Law Protects Underage Drinkers In Danger
Source: Jul 03, 2014
On July 1, a new law went into effect which protects underage drinkers from prosecution if they are calling for help for other drinkers who need medical attention.

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